The Managerial and Executive Wellbeing Survey (MEWS®) is a powerful new measure of wellbeing designed exclusively for senior leaders and their teams.


The MEWS® Designers

The MEWS® is the brainchild of Audrey McGibbon and Karen Gillespie who have successful careers working internationally as psychologists, executive coaches and top team facilitators. Our interest and expertise in wellbeing and assessment has now driven the development of the MEWS®. We have complete confidence that our clients will experience the MEWS® as a credible and engaging tool for understanding and driving enhanced wellbeing for their own and their organisation’s benefit. We look forward to introducing you to our MEWS®.

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Mews Survey Sample

The MEWS® Survey

Developed with an executive audience in mind, the MEWS® survey taps into the aspects of work and life that have been shown to most impact wellbeing. Drawing from cutting edge research and first hand insights into the stresses and strains of executive life, we have created a unique blend of simplicity and sophistication in the questions posed about individual wellbeing. The MEWS® provokes reflection about wellbeing even before the survey is completed.

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MEWS reports

The MEWS® Reports

The MEWS® Personal Reports and MEWS® Team Reports provide comprehensive feedback and guidance on wellbeing priorities for your executives and leadership teams on an individual and group basis. Understand what enhances wellbeing and what detracts from wellbeing for your leadership team. Identify priorities for attention to maximise the wellbeing, engagement and performance of your most critical organisational talent.

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