About MEWS

The Managerial and Executive Wellbeing Survey (MEWS) is a new measure of wellbeing designed exclusively for senior people in the workplace.

We all know a person’s wellbeing at work cannot be separated from their wellbeing outside of work i.e. our professional lives are influenced by our personal lives and vice versa. Hence the MEWS does not only focus on what is occurring for executives in the workplace – to do so would be to deny their functioning as ‘whole’ people who have relationships, activities, responsibilities, challenges and pressures beyond the office door.

The MEWS is presented in two broad sections:


Within each section, there are five or six wellbeing domains which capture the essence of executives’ physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing (see The MEWS Framework). The questions have been developed to target what matters most to executives and represent a comprehensive assessment of their wellbeing at the time of completion.

There are 126 questions in the MEWS and the whole survey takes 15-20 minutes to complete in a simple and easy online administration.

Upon completion, a Personal Wellbeing Report is generated by the respondent’s MEWS coach and then reviewed with the respondent in a confidential, one to one debrief.

During the debrief, respondents are guided on identifying their personal wellbeing priorities and how to take action on these. There is a strong emphasis on self-responsibility in the wellbeing debrief and coaching session, underpinned by support and encouragement from the coach.

Following the MEWS debrief, respondents are encouraged to log-in to the MEWS website where they will find resources, tools and tips tailored to the wellbeing domains and questions to help them in their pursuit of positive change in their wellbeing.

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