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Eek & Sense is the culmination of a long-term partnership between Audrey McGibbon and Karen Gillespie (who are Eek and Sense respectively).

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Many clients will already know us as a team from our collaboration on leadership development, executive coaching programs and capability design initiatives since 1997. Together, we have over 50 years combined professional experience as organisational psychologists working with leaders of large corporates and professional service firms.

In recent times our personal interest in wellbeing has coincided with observations that the leaders in Australian organisations (and no doubt beyond these shores) are experiencing serious and persistent threats to their wellbeing, which have knock-on effects on their performance and that of their teams and organisations.

Always motivated to assist individuals AND maximise performance outcomes, we embarked on the development of the MEWS – a unique and sophisticated measure designed to firstly alert leaders to their wellbeing needs and secondly to guide them in addressing these identified areas. It is our firm belief that leaders must put their own wellbeing front and centre of their priorities, supported by responsible organisational strategy and practices in order to achieve sustainable performance and flourish as contributors to the wellbeing and happiness of their teams, families and the community at large.
Audrey and Karen both have a wealth of experience in assessment diagnostics, having worked in senior roles for many years with SHL, one of the largest global psychometric test designers and publishers. They have both also used a wide range of personality, aptitude, motivational, values and wellbeing surveys as part of their 25 years of consulting practice. This solid foundation in reliable and valid psychometric measurement has come to the fore in the development of the MEWS.

Audrey McGibbon


Audrey’s lifelong purpose has been to help others help themselves. Her philosophy is to build rapport and from there, to gently challenge an individual’s self-awareness, judgement, and behaviours strengthening their ability to adapt, thrive and achieve better outcomes professionally and personally.

Her career in organisational psychology began in the UK in 1990, where she worked in the psychometric test development unit of SHL designing a range of ability, personality and motivational diagnostic tools, before moving into executive /career assessment and development consultancy. By 1997, she was the Managing Director of SHL Australia Pty Ltd, a position which provided invaluable leadership experience and plc board exposure, and offered first hand insights into the stresses and strains of life as a senior executive.

Since setting up EEK in 2001, she has coached 200+ senior executives and partners on an individual and team basis.

Audrey has an MA (Hons) in Psychology and Business, and an MSc in Psychotherapy Studies. (Her master’s research was on the factors that drive wellbeing for senior executives in Australian corporations). She is a registered psychologist in both Australia and the UK, as well as a Chartered Occupational Psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS), an Associate Fellow of the BPS, and a member of the Division of Occupational Psychology and Psychotherapy Section of the BPS.

When not working or studying, Audrey uses her favourite wellbeing strategies (exercise, mindfulness, sleep and social connection) to retain a semblance of inner calm while juggling a thriving business, two busy children, a patient husband, sometimes neglected friends and balancing life’s gourmet pleasures with staying fit and healthy!

Contact Audrey

E audrey@mewswellbeing.com.au
M + 61 (0)438 100 023

Karen Gillespie


Karen is passionate about assisting people with the daily challenge of achieving their best and feeling fulfilled at work, staying physically fit and healthy and being present for the other significant people in their lives.

Her career as an organisational psychologist began in the UK in 1989, where she worked for two consultancy practices before migrating to Australia in 1996. She joined SHL in Sydney, taking senior roles as the Consulting Director and Employee Development Director before setting up her own business in 2002. She has an MA (Hons) in Psychology, an MSc in Occupational Psychology and a Graduate Diploma in Wellness. She is currently studying for a Practice Certificate in Sleep Psychology through the Australian Psychological Society and contemplating furthering her education in Sleep Medicine.

Karen is a Registered Psychologist, a Member of the Australian Psychological Society, the College of Organisational Psychologists and the Interest Group in Coaching Psychology.

When not working or studying, Karen is taxi-ing her teenage children somewhere, ‘wrangling’ a menagerie of animals on her property on the Central Coast of NSW, battling the weeds or keeping fit with yoga, walking and cycling.

Contact Karen

E karen@mewswellbeing.com.au
M +61 (0)412 744 167

Eileen Brennan

MEWS Administration Manager

Eileen is an experienced administrator, having worked as a Personal/Executive Assistant for 25 years in the corporate sector.  She has vast experience supporting senior executives at Managing Director/Board level in many industries, including banking, consulting and construction.

Eileen has worked with Audrey and Karen for over 15 years.   She works “behind the scenes” at Eek, and has built strong relationships with Audrey and Karen’s client base.  She greatly enjoys liaising with clients, and clients greatly enjoy interacting with Eileen – they rave about her as super-efficient, reliable, accurate, flexible, accommodating, really easy to work with, and good fun.

When not working, Eileen is a role model for the ‘sandwich generation’ juggling family commitments young and old; a wide circle of friends and involvement in her local community; to relax she loves nothing better than a lazy night at home with a fine red, good book or classic comedy, or better still escaping up the coast for a few days to rest and recharge.

Contact Eileen

E eileen@mewswellbeing.com.au
M +61 (0)414 870 499


The MEWS is an impressive and insightful tool, pitched well for a critical, busy senior executive audience. The content is more inclusive than other wellbeing measures, going well beyond the obvious physical and mental health factors.

I found the survey questions promoted immediate reflection on my wellbeing, supported by the follow-up debrief which emphasised my personal accountability for my wellbeing and left me in no doubt as to positive actions I can now take.

I recommend the MEWS for any individual leader or organisation who want to be proactive about wellbeing and sustain their performance.

Chantel Lord,
Head of MC Performance Alignment & Succession
Talent, Culture & Performance,
Australia Post
In my work in developing leaders and executive teams, I know that individual and team wellbeing is essential for high performance and engagement. MEWS is a powerful and accessible way for leaders and team members to understand their state of wellbeing today, and take informed action to achieve higher levels of wellbeing. The flexibility of MEWS in differentiating and integrating leader and team wellbeing is unique in my experience and dramatically improves the value that executives and their teams will get from using it. This is a tool that I would highly recommend to any leader or manager who wishes to make a difference for people and for performance.
Gerard Penna
Managing Partner
Talent Mondial
Completing The MEWS process has been timely for me as it gives me some specific feedback on areas to focus on in the short term. We can all lose sight of how our overall wellness is at any time and MEWS provides a timely reminder on what to keep track of. I would strongly recommend its usage with individuals and teams that need to check in on their holistic wellbeing.
Mark LeBusque,
As both a manager and participant on the MEWs program, I found the experience an extremely valuable and empowering one.

Our workplace is undergoing significant change with stretched resources, challenging deadlines and a great deal of ambiguity. The team I lead have a strong performance culture and track record however there is an ongoing risk of burn out and decreasing motivation due to the environment. The goal for participation in the MEWs program was to help people take control and accountability of their own health and wellbeing and to build their skills in effectively managing themselves and how they work together as a team.

The one on one approach enabled individuals to set their own health and wellbeing goals with consideration to both home and work. The coaching provided a safe and supportive environment for reflection and to challenge thinking. The response from team members has been incredibly positive with genuine appreciation of having the time of reflect. Individuals have also been able to share insights of what is important to them and the support they need from the team but most importantly walk away with practical tools they can apply immediately

I would highly recommend the MEWs program for a team or individuals seeking to improve their health and wellbeing. Personally, it has helped me be a happier person and more effective leader. As a team we are more positive, resourceful, closer and more willing to take personal accountability for addressing things that effect our health and wellbeing.

Andrea Pearman
General Manager, Community Relations
Corporate Affairs & People
Australia Post
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