Announcing Dr John Cummins

Dr John Cummins advocates for ‘exceptional health’ which he sums up as ‘living a long life with a sense of energy and wellbeing, without illness’.

We are pleased to announce the inclusion of Dr John Cummins from Executive Medicine as our MEWS referral partner in Sydney for those people identified as being in need of taking more care of themselves through recommended preventative health measures (e.g. medical screening tests, health check-ups etc.)

Dr John is a Specialist Consultant Physician, and we think he is a doctor who practises what he preaches and who role models the pursuit of wellbeing at a holistic level.

Dr John advocates for ‘exceptional health’ which he sums up as ‘living a long life with a sense of energy and wellbeing, without illness’.

‘Extra vitality’ and a ‘zest for life’ are outcomes derived from giving due attention and self-care to ourselves, by incorporating exercise into our daily life, eating well, enjoying personal time and addressing any health concerns before they become challenges. Dr John’s advice to us is simple – ‘people with great health prioritise family, health and careers…in that order’.

In discussion with Dr John, he himself exudes enthusiasm for life, he eats nutritiously and it’s obvious he values being physically fit and the good feelings that go with it. He is also an advocate for daily meditation – saying ‘meditation is like gym for the brain’, and ‘if we do not manage the brain, it can become like an untamed horse subject to its own whims and emotions.

Dr John’s final piece of advice is that ‘peace of mind is a great contributor to exceptional health’ and he encourages everyone to take a pro-active approach to their health and wellbeing.

MEWSFinalDr John is excited at the arrival of MEWS as a new development in the preventative health space for executives, and sees the key value in MEWS for individuals as being:

  • the comprehensive evaluation using a holistic framework of wellbeing that extends beyond the physical aspects alone and
  • the identification of the specific issues for individuals which if addressed will add to their wellbeing.

And the benefit for organisations? He believes MEWS offers a significant and fresh breakthrough in the way businesses think about engaging their senior leaders.

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