Engage with MEWS to:

Drive sustained performance in your senior leaders and their teams
Build wellbeing, resilience and productivity across the organisation
Reduce absenteeism and the damaging impacts of ‘presenteeism’
Create positive action to tackle the debilitating impact of mental ill health in your organisation
Enhance a responsible and compassionate organisational culture

MEWS offers you:

  • a unique measure, specifically tailored to a leadership audience;
  • comprehensive assessment of wellbeing against the MEWS Framework;
  • the assurance of design by experts in assessment, wellbeing, executives and organisations;
  • informative and thought-provoking reflections for a critical audience;
  • delivery via an accessible, best-practice, secure on-line platform;
  • support with high touch, person-centred feedback and coaching;

…in summary, a personal, highly valued and astute investment in your top people and their teams.

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